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Valentines Day with Kett

Valentines I know isn't a huge holiday in comparison to others but we love to celebrate it none the less. We don't just celebrate between Frank and myself we celebrate with out family and friends.

This year was Kett's first year in school so I made these hand painted shrinky dinks and turned them into pins to hand out to his class and a couple friends online. You can see them in my instagram stories here.

It is so fun having a little one in the house, I've always been a crafter, DIYer, artist since I could remember. My mom kind of let us freely make art and always had projects for us to make things since I can remember. So getting to make things with Kett and for him and his peers really is exciting. I can't wait to do things like this with him when he gets older and participates.

Here are some cute photos of us from the day! We spent it making chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered strawberries. We facetimed with all our friends and family to tell them just how much we love them. I even stole an hour long nap snuggling with him!

For Valentines Day I bought him the I Love you Stinky Face book and wrote a little note in the front cover for him. I plan on doing this every year for him. Picking out a new book based on Love as a part of every Valentines Day gift.

Mothers are Magic tee is from Bee & Mae.

Non-Toxic Masculinity Toddler Tee is hand embroidered by Ruthie Covert Art .

Llama came from Walmart.


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