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Kitchen Update With Community Coffee


One of my favorite things in the morning is snuggling Kett in our bed when he wakes up and then of course making a large pot of coffee. But on days when I’ve got so much work, I’ve got to get him to school, I have all the errands to run I am glad to have this On-The-Go Vanilla Iced Latte from Community Coffee that uses my favorite great-tasting Community Signature Blend Dark Roast coffee.

I have very fond memories drinking Community Coffee with my dad as a little girl and now as a busy mom I can take it with me as I run out the door. Scoop up some coffee for yourself at, you can read more about this latte here.

We also cleaned up and redid the kitchen shelving!


We've been looking around to getting a coffee maker that fits perfect under our cabinets.

In our old house we had two whole cabinets in our kitchen, which one of which we used for our pantry items. So to say the least our kitchen did not give us much room. Fast forward to our new home with a more open plan and tons of cabinet space I now am able to have a WHOLE cabinet dedicated to all our coffee and tea supplies. I mean what a huge difference.

The only problem was our decade old coffee maker did not fit under the cabinet. With the help of Cuisinart, we were able to upgrade ours to their COFFEE CENTER™ 12 CUP COFFEEMAKER AND SINGLE-SERVE BREWER which fits perfectly under our cabinet, phew.

So far we have really loved the combo of a whole carafe and the single brew option. I will for sure keep you updated on it all.

These are the days mug from Rachel Allene.


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