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House Buying, First few months

After being away for two weeks, we knew we had to get back to reality of working with our real estate agent and signing all the paperwork, etc. that comes with buying your first home. In reality after going through everything I wish we would have known a little bit more than we did or that we had a better realtor that dealt with first time home owners more. In the end we ended up getting a dream home we both fell really in love with and that we can’t wait to bring this little nugget into the world in.

A bit of a back story on the two of us, neither one of us grew up with much money. My mother, was a teacher and father a mechanic, Franks mother worked at Rite Aid and his dad was always between jobs here and there. We both come from pretty large families with no real family that lived near so it was always just us. Its kind of funny when you find your soulmate and they end up having such a similar upbringing to you. I’m thankful both our parents are are still together and we both know how much work it is to stay that way.

When we bought our home we knew that no matter what, we wanted to do what our parents did for us, bring him up in a home that was better than theirs. Not to say they didn’t have great homes, they too didn’t come from much but they knew they wanted more for their kids. Something I knew we both wanted for ours. So looking for the home to bring him up in was so important to me.

Before purchasing this home we were living in the back of a 100 year old house, the add-on that maybe could have been 750 square feet. It wasn’t much. Two small bedrooms, a bathroom, a tiny kitchen that was where our water heater and laundry room all rolled into one and the living room space. There were 4 walls that separated each of them, no hallways. Pretty much a square divided into four small quadrants. We lived there with our dog Ledger for over 6 years. I will always love that home, it was exactly that, quaint and homey. It was everything we needed for just us two. We were able to save so much money there and travel the world and do practically anything we wanted. It allowed us to save up for this magical dream we call a home now.

I am so thankful and I hope you follow along with us on the new journey of a new home and the best of all the new addition to our family!

We are also puppy sitting with a few house progress shots!!

Really the biggest most important part of this house is the studio/ mother-in-law apartment out back I cannot wait to make my own!!


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