I make cool things. For more in-depth details into my process you can view my design blog here.

See some of my illustrations on instagram too! 


Daisy Mae Jewellery - Branding, Illustration, Product and Packaging Design

Kindle & Kind - Branding

Sweet & Sauer - Branding and Design

Take Me Back - Branding

Dreamkeepers,LLC - Branding

Candelles Punny Candles -

Illustration and Layout Design

The Knight Butcher - Branding, Signage and Packaging Design

Candle Creative - Branding and Icon Design

Terratropic Massage - Branding, Print Design and Web Design

The City of Gautier, Shepard State Park - Branding, Illustration and Print Design 

City of New Orleans Patch Designs - Illustration

Logo Designs - Hand Lettered, Hand Drawn

Hello Halsted - Branding, Print Design and Pattern Making

Honey and the Hive - Branding